3 reasons why you should hire a fractional marketing expert

As a professional in the performance marketing field for the past 12 years, I still find this role fascinating. The combination of economics, analytics, psychology, creativity, and technical knowledge makes this role fascinating to me.

However one question remains:

Why do startups still hire inexperienced people to handle their paid campaigns?

You are not doing the company or the junior marketing manager you are hiring any favors by doing so.


You don’t want to be this company.

To be clear: I do not have anything against junior colleagues, and I’ve met some terrific ones, but put all your chances on your side, since we’re talking about your business and growth goals.

I know you might not be able to afford a performance marketing professional with experience due to your limited budget.

I have a solution for you.

In a nutshell, hire an experienced performance marketing expert on a fractional basis. Or part-time, if you prefer. The type of contract matters little, whether it’s an employee contract or a freelance contract.

In addition to your – rather junior – in-house team. Or not. The choice is yours.

Here are 3 reasons to do this:

1. Avoid costly mistakes

When you’re a startup, every dollar counts, and making costly marketing mistakes can set you back significantly.

Hiring a full-time junior employee with little to no experience can be a gamble, as they may lack the expertise needed to navigate the complex world of performance marketing.

These inexperienced hires may experiment with strategies, budgets, and channels, which could result in ineffective campaigns and wasted resources.

On the other hand, fractional seasoned performance marketing professionals bring a wealth of experience to the table. They have already made and learned from the mistakes that can cost your startup time and money. They can leverage their knowledge to create effective marketing strategies, optimise campaigns, and ensure your budget is invested wisely.

By avoiding these costly errors, you can achieve quicker and more cost-effective results, ultimately boosting your startup’s chances of success.

2. Build a strong marketing foundation #firstmarketinghire

The early stages of a startup are crucial for establishing a solid foundation for growth.

Many startups make the mistake of hiring junior employees as their first marketing hires, believing it’s a cost-effective option.

However, this approach can hinder your growth potential on short and long-terms.

Without an experienced performance marketing manager to lead your marketing efforts, your team may lack direction and the necessary skills to build a successful marketing strategy.

By hiring a fractional seasoned performance marketing professional as your first marketing hire, you ensure that your startup starts on the right foot.

These experienced professionals can lay the groundwork for your marketing efforts, helping you define your target audience, select the right marketing channels, set KPIs, and create a strategy that aligns with your business goals.

Their guidance and expertise will set the stage for a more organised, efficient, and effective marketing operation from the beginning.

3. Bring expertise to your team

A startup’s marketing success hinges on the expertise within the team.

A full-time junior employee, while enthusiastic and eager to learn, typically lacks the experience and depth of knowledge that a fractional seasoned performance marketing professional brings to the table. The latter has worked on a wide range of campaigns, tackled various challenges, and fine-tuned their skills over years of practice.

By adding an experienced performance marketing professional to your team, you infuse your startup with a wealth of expertise.

They can mentor and guide junior team members, ensuring they grow and learn under the supervision of a seasoned expert.

Additionally, this experienced hire can provide strategic insights, develop and implement advanced marketing techniques, and adapt to changes in the industry with agility.

Their ability to stay current with trends and shifts in the marketing landscape will keep your startup competitive and innovative.

In conclusion, startups can greatly benefit from hiring fractional seasoned performance marketing professionals instead of relying solely on full-time junior employees.

These seasoned experts offer cost-saving insights, help establish a strong marketing foundation, and bring invaluable expertise to the team.

With their guidance, startups can navigate the challenging world of performance marketing more effectively, increasing their chances of success in a competitive market.