Hi I'm Matt

I'm the bridge between YOUR marketing, data and tech.

Get your data-driven marketing setup and increase your ROI in no time!

Based in Berlin

But happy to work for companies outside of the German capital.

Your marketing team is not data-driven enough?

Your data team doesn’t understand marketing issues?

Your tech team and your marketing team don’t speak the same language?

For the last 12 years, I’ve built and managed online marketing teams and growth engines. 

And there is one common thing that I’ve experienced:

There is always a gap between Marketing, Data and Tech.

I was always the one filling this gap: using more data for marketing and working with the tech team to deliver high-value projects.

By doing this, I increased ROI up to 2000%! 🚀

My aim is to help more companies to fill the gap and increase their ROI.

You too can get similar successful results.

I look forward to your message!


📧 matt@mattescaffre.com

"Matthieu took Performance Marketing at EIGENSONNE to a new level. He started out in a growth hacker role, steering all channels by himself, and then set out to build a professional team which covers everything from analytics to CRM, from landing page building to lead gen for recruiting. I can recommend him both as a leader, as a marketing expert and as a sparring partner for any type of topics involving data, commerce and users."
Moritz Hau
"I can highly recommend Matthieu, he took over our Online Marketing, built up data collection, reports, dashboards, helped us to better understand our KPIs, reduce unnecessary expenses and drive several very successful projects. Great guy, great job."
Elias Koster
Co-founder & CEO at DesignYourBike
"Matthieu is super smart, focused, and works at the speed of light. He has an ability to sort, organize and condense data in a very efficient way. I highly recommend Matthieu to anyone in the industry, and I would love to work with him again."
Catherine Bollet Mazur
Country Manager Germany & Austria at BEABA

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